Life Away From The Desk.

Stepping Back and Crafting

I know I’ve been yapping on about the busy hard work side of editing and writing and getting past the finishing line so I thought I would chat about what I do when that overwhelming feeling visits.

We see cartoons about how our best ideas visit us at two or three in the morning when we really need to sleep. But the awful thing about those cartoons, is how true they are. Plus, admission coming!! I don’t jot down my thoughts in a notebook by my bed, I tell myself I WILL remember them without fail. Of course I don’t come morning and blame it all on my Guardian Angel, Oscar. I have that guy working overtime all the time. In fact I’d say his wings are in tatters and fairly ruffled at this stage. Poor guy.  

Getting back to how I deal with my overactive overflowing brain of ideas. I crochet or knit, mainly crochet. Some people go for walks, others listen to music, watch films or do housework. Whatever works for you, do it. If it is sitting in the garden howling at the moon, so be it. You might annoy the neighbour but if they know you are a writer, they will understand, we do have a bit of a reputation for being eccentric.

I also use my crochet time to distract me from characters that insist on speaking to me, note I didn’t say, WITH me. No they speak TO you. When are you going to tell my story? When will I meet someone to love/hate? How old do you think I am? It goes on and on, and then the scary one, Wait until I tell you this, that lasts forever!!

By focusing on the colours of yarn I use, the pattern I am doing, it all distracts from the mayhem in my head. It lets me breathe, it makes me connect with family and friends, it can also be used for procrastination (but pretend I didn’t say that). Oh I must finish this blanket/tea-cosy/doily and then I can work on my short story/novel/play etc.

So to celebrate my love for crafts, I’m going to post my crochet & knitting projects on this website too. It also proves for any doubters out there that writers do have lives away from our desk, and for the writers, taking time out to do something you really enjoy is important and should be a part of your writing routine.

Happy whatever it is that makes you happy away from your desk, xx

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