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To Live With A Stranger

Two strangers, Cathy Reed & Mark Daniels inherit the same country cottage, Cregane Court. Yet someone else wants the cottage and is determined to have it. But who and why?
Cathy and Mark have a fight on their hands to keep their new home. Luke and Sno, people they’ve only just met rally to support them. During the struggle to save the cottage, the friends discover more about each other and how the cottage has impacted their lives.
Cregane Court is a place that captures your heart and has you willing Cathy and Mark on as they fight for its survival. Can these two strangers thrown together save their home or will sinister elements within the community work against them and deprive them of Cregane Court?

Introducing, The Lacey Taylor Story – Trilogy

Book 1: Ruth Taylor despised her youngest child, Lacey, labelling her My Husband’s Sin. What did it mean? After her mother’s passing, Lacey discovers why her mother held a grudge against her. What is revealed devastates the whole family and in the search for truth exposes more than the Taylor children expected. This is Lacey’s journey. But it does not exclude her siblings, whose lives fall apart as they too struggle to accept the revelations. Question leads to question on a path where only one person can explain all. Mystery, love, resentment, anger, death, is there room for happiness?

Book 2: Lacey Taylor and Cora Maguire. One young and considerate, the other a cold business woman. Lacey searched and found her birth mother Cora and yearns for a close relationship, while the celebrity dress designer believes in ambition and business first always. Will they come together when life takes an unexpected turn for Lacey and she needs the support of her mother? What if Cora fails her? Events push life in a direction that leaves the young woman without doubt what family really means. Can it be happily ever after? Is family more important than money? Heart-break, manipulation, love, death, but is there regret? Grab the box of tissues and discover who pays the highest price in this page turning novel.

Book 3: Harriet is startled by a gift she receives for her eighteenth birthday and so is her family. A trust fund from her father, a man she has never met, Josh Campbell. An action that raises the unanswered questions she was happy to leave suppressed until now. Refusing to be swayed by her grandmother to let things be, Harriet’s determination to find out what really happened takes her away from home. Before she can accept Josh into her life, Harriet needs answers. Why now and why did he abandon her mum, Lacey?
The time has come for no more secrets.


Adult Romance 18+

Ciara may be in France for a rugby weekend but she is much more interested in getting into a scrum with the sexy bartender, Daniel. But when a misunderstanding leaves her waking up alone after their steamy night together, can they find a way to win each other over? Or will it end before it really began?

Adult Romance 18+

A weekend in Barcelona is what Natasha Gordon needs to help rid her life of her now ex-boyfriend. The mix of sunshine and wine, all shared with a sexy Spanish waiter goes a long way to easing her broken heart. What she hadn’t planned on was falling for Carlos, who is not just the waiter but owns the café. Doing her best to ignore her lustful hot thoughts towards him, Natasha fails and gives in to what she believes is no strings attached sex. But after twenty four hours together, is she in love and has she got a future with Carlos?


On the night young Jed Harmon leaves his home town of Beavers Creek, he vows never to return. A search for a new life lay ahead of him. Meeting up with some cowboys and getting a job on a cattle drive, Jed reckons life has never been so good. However, on reaching Parson’s Creek, the Sheriff is looking for a young outlaw that resembles Jed.
Is Jed about to face the hangman? What secret has he kept from his good friends Steve, Henry and Joshua? Jed’s new life is about to take a tumble that could lead him to an early grave


Ahyoka is the daughter of a Cherokee White Chief, and is betrothed to Wohali, a warrior in her village. On one of her many walks outside the camp boundaries, she comes across an abandoned cabin. Surprising herself, she feels contented there, enjoying the time she spends in her secret place. Charles W Sexton is a cowboy who has tired of the cattle drives and the constant sleeping beneath the stars. Yet it is not until he stumbles upon a deserted house that he thinks about settling down. Two people from different cultures, strangers that are both drawn to the same log cabin. When Charlie claims it as his, Ahyoka no longer has her sanctuary to run to. But destiny shapes the path which they will travel. Will the cabin bring them together as soulmates or pit them against each other as enemies. Who can tell?

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