Don’t Call Me Mum


Don’t Call Me Mum by Mary T Bradford is both a continuation of The Lacey Taylor Story, and a great standalone read for those who haven’t yet read My Husband’s Sin

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Raised by a cold stepmother, Lacey Taylor’s life was turned upside down by the stroke of a pen, putting her on a path to find her birth mother, Cora Maguire. But Cora is not the maternal type. For her, her career is paramount to everything else, including her only child, Lacey. Their relationship is, at best, strained. Lacey struggles for Cora’s affection, but when her life-path takes an unplanned twist, Cora becomes furious. Lacey’s half-siblings, the Taylors, want to help, but they have their own demons that threaten to rip the family apart.

How often can Lacey deal with life’s struggles without finally succumbing to them?

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My Husband’s Sin

This is my first novel and I found it a real treat not just in writing it, but actually finishing it. Writing My Husband’s Sin was a real learning curve for me. I had written short stories up until I got the idea for the novel, so going the complete journey of the book showed me just how much I could do with my writing. I learnt discipline and acceptance. Discipline in that I had to sit and write each day, the story begged to be told. Acceptance in that although I had a very good idea of how I thought it would go, well, the characters thought differently, so they told me their story and that’s the one in My Husband’s Sin.

The Taylor family in my novel are like any other family living on your street, maybe even next door. Secrets abound behind closed doors but when they are revealed when you are at your most vunerable, well it just knocks you over for sure. Find out the Taylors secret and how or if they manage to get back on their feet when all is revealed.
Happy reading of My Husband’s Sin and please if you remember, come back and leave a review, your thoughts on it are important.

Thank you,
Mary T Bradford


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In the weeks following Lillian Taylor’s burial, her four loving adult children assemble for the reading of her will. For the grieving youngest sibling, Lacey, life is about to come crashing down as a deep secret is revealed. The fall-out affects every member and they struggle to regain the happy family unit they once shared. Each of the siblings, take the reader on a journey as they try to come to terms and learn to handle this huge revelation.

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One Night In Barcelona

04FF8F3E-70F1-4E6B-9E39-D35C46C45316One Night In Barcelona is an excellent example of erotic romance writing. Unlike many other books in the same genre, Mary T. Bradford provides a good plot as a background to the rapidly growing attraction between Natasha and the wonderful Carlos, in the beautiful city of Barcelona. It runs along at an excellent pace and both characters are credible and appealing. A great read.

A weekend in Barcelona is what Natasha Gordon needs to help rid her life of her now ex-boyfriend. The mix of sunshine and wine, all shared with a sexy Spanish waiter goes a long way to easing her broken heart. What she hadn’t planned on was falling for Carlos, who is not just the waiter but owns the café. Doing her best to ignore her lustful hot thoughts towards him, Natasha fails and gives in to what she believes is no strings attached sex. But after twenty four hours together, is she in love and has she got a future with Carlos?

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Roll Up, Roll Up


We all have fun filled memories of times enjoyed on the Ferris wheel, the carousels, and eating candyfloss and winning teddies at the shooting range. But in Roll Up, Roll Up! there is no fun to be had. Old Annie and Whistling Bob do their best to warn the others to avoid the ghost train tunnels. Are they listened to or are the two friends only to be teased and laughed at? Read on and find out what happens when you don’t listen to those who know best. Visiting a fairground will no longer appeal to you, if you dare to read this tale.

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The Runaway

On the night young Jed Harmon leaves his home town of Beavers Creek, he vows never to return. A search for a new life lay ahead of him. Meeting up with some cowboys and getting a job on a cattle drive, Jed reckons life has never been so good. However, on reaching Parson’s Creek, the Sheriff is looking for a young outlaw that resembles Jed.
Is Jed about to face the hangman? What secret has he kept from his good friends Steve, Henry and Joshua? Jed’s new life is about to take a tumble that could lead him to an early grave.

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A Baker’s Dozen

Inside this collection of stories, lie tales of families whose lives are ripped by addiction to drugs, gambling and alcohol. In others, a kind neighbour helps another to get back on their feet and a mother guides her daughter in her choice of career.This is truly a mixed bag, where a young girl with an unplanned pregnancy has a difficult decision to make. In others, a family row causes a tragic accident, and a regular customer to a cafe can weave magic to bring a girl’s dreams come true. So take your pick and sit back and enjoy the read.


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51TeOAZjYLLAhyoka is the daughter of a Cherokee White Chief and is betrothed to Wohali, a warrior in her village. On one of her many walks outside the camp boundaries, she comes across an abandoned cabin. Surprising herself, she feels contented there, enjoying the time she spends in her secret place.
Charles W Sexton is a cowboy who has tired of the cattle drives and the constant sleeping beneath the stars. Yet it is not until he stumbles upon a deserted house that he thinks about settling down.
Two people from different cultures, strangers that are both drawn to the same log cabin. When Charlie claims it as his, Ahyoka no longer has her sanctuary to run to. But destiny shapes the path which they will travel. Will the cabin bring them together as soulmates or pit them against each other as enemies.
Who can tell?

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