My Husband’s Sin

This is my first novel and I found it a real treat not just in writing it, but actually finishing it. Writing My Husband’s Sin was a real learning curve for me. I had written short stories up until I got the idea for the novel, so going the complete journey of the book showed me just how much I could do with my writing. I learnt discipline and acceptance. Discipline in that I had to sit and write each day, the story begged to be told. Acceptance in that although I had a very good idea of how I thought it would go, well, the characters thought differently, so they told me their story and that’s the one in My Husband’s Sin.

The Taylor family in my novel are like any other family living on your street, maybe even next door. Secrets abound behind closed doors but when they are revealed when you are at your most vulnerable, well it just knocks you over for sure. Find out the Taylor’s secret and how or if they manage to get back on their feet when all is revealed.
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Thank you,
Mary T Bradford


Available here in paperback or eBook

Following Lillian Taylor’s burial, her four loving adult children assemble for the reading of her will. For the youngest sibling, Lacey, life is about to come crashing down as a deep secret is revealed. Her grief mixed with anger leaves her questioning the life she knew and needing answers if she is ever to find happiness again. The fall-out affects every member and they struggle to regain the happy family unit they once shared. Can the siblings come together and learn how to handle this revelation without splitting the family?

Published by marytbradford

Family is important to Mary and her writing reflects the ups and downs of it all, and what people go through daily. She has been writing short stories for several years and enjoys success with her fiction in magazines, newspapers, and anthologies both in Ireland and abroad, namely Germany, India, and the US. Her stories have been both short/long listed in various competitions. It was because of this success, Mary took the plunge and self-published her first collection of stories titled, A Baker’s Dozen (2012). When one of her stories kept growing she ended up with her first published novel, My Husband's Sin. This novel turned into a trilogy, with book 2, Don't Call Me Mum, and book 3, No More Secrets following it. Her latest novel, To Live With A Stranger, is based on her Grandmother's country cottage and is a firm favourite with readers. Mary continues to write novels, novellas, and short stories, dabbling too in playwrighting. In 2019, Mary attended the University of Limerick and studied for a MA in Creative Writing, receiving First Class Honours. When taking a break from writing and reading Mary loves to crochet. Living in County Cork, Ireland, she is married and is a mother of four children. Having overcome open heart surgery in 2008, Mary made the decision to dedicate more time to her writing. With her children raised and starting to spread their wings, this became possible. Now, Mary is also a Nana, a role that brings her happiness and lots of love.

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