Our Weary World, (my thoughts)

Hey folks, I don’t claim to be a poet nor would I but I like to sometimes put my thoughts in a poem structure of sorts. When I checked the news this morning, my heart sank. The world is lost, what’s next I asked myself, and then as I opened a blank page to continue with a work in progress, the below thoughts came out instead.

Stay safe wherever you are.


Our Weary World

Beginning to adjust to the new ways, lockdowns, social distancing

And missing family.

Battles within fought every few days

To keep focus for my own good and to save others.

Waking up to days without names, without function or


A diseased heart dictates.

I could cope just about, then.



Our world is broken.

Not by new ways but old that lived,

secrets in shadows, until the masks, fell off.

From a simmering pot to boiling dry.

Its burning smoke choking us in reality.

The time, when living drenched in unfairness and injustice was never

gone to be no more.

Evil thrived unseen, unspoken, uncared about.

Weaved through society, hidden beneath layers of indifference and I’m alright Jack.

The world is weary, it wants us off, to leave,

to let nature claim it back,

from greed, disrespect, and power.

Who to blame for ruining the pot?

We all point the finger,


When we should point it at ourselves.





Vision Boards and Garth Brooks

While I was chatting with a close friend of mine, we were discussing our goals for this year. Stuff we really wanted to mark off our To Do List once and for all. 

So I came up with a Vision Board. A simple notice board with my goals pinned on to it. Not in a list form but separately. Beneath each title piece, I will stick on the steps I take to make this goal or desire achievable as the year goes by. The important word in the last sentence is steps, little and manageable so you don’t feel overwhelmed by the bigger picture. 

Write up a calendar for a week, place it near your pin board so you have a clear vision of what you are doing and when. On Monday you might write your blog post, Tuesday you will check out competition submissions, Wednesday work on your novel, Thursday, research etc. Put down what applies to you reaching what it is you want. Each of these baby steps are putting you on the next rung of the ladder to get you to the top. As the year goes by, I shall see where I am making progress and where I need to improve. This is a simple method or reminder of what my path is and if it’s the correct one for me.


If by the end of the year, I have not had success in all my goals, it will serve as a reminder that I did work towards it and will encourage me to keep going. After all, Rome was not built in a day. 

Don’t forget to pin photos or pictures of people you admire or want to emulate on this board too. Having visual aids helps keep our focus and mind on what matters to us. Important also is not to fear changing your goals, maybe what you thought you wanted isn’t right for you, then work for what is, what it is that suits where you want to be in life. Sometimes what we think we want can be so wrong. I love Garth Brooks song, Unanswered Prayers. Believe me, I have so many unanswered prayers, I am very grateful for them. 

This is a link to Garth’s song for you to enjoyhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9GuA5PZx3K4 

In other news, I’ve finished the writing of my third novel, and have a bunch of exciting stuff going on around me right now. If you haven’t got into The Lacey Taylor story yet, you can start at My Husband’s Sin and Don’t Call Me Mum, and enjoy the many Letters From Lacey here on the site! 

Happy Writing

Not Your Usual HAPPY NEW YEAR Post!

When I sat to write this post, I had no idea what I was going to say. We all know about resolutions and fresh starts and new diets but what kept playing on my mind was the word: time. I pondered on this and asked myself what the word signified for me. 

Time is precious. We do not own it nor can we control it. What we do with it, how we use it, how we let it make us feel, is in our control. Looking back over 2018, I realised I had often thought what a long year, when would it end? Not because of anything in particular, although we did lose family and friends, but what year do we not? It is part of life. We had weddings too in 2018, happy wonderful days shared with family and friends, again, not unusual. 

It is said by many as you get older the years get shorter and yes I have found this true, but 2018 was different, it feels like it has gone on forever and while we roll in to a new year, it is the celebrations and festivities that make it stand out. It is after all only day following night, like every other day following night. I know it’s more than this, but I’m keeping it simple, why complicate life any more than necessary?

Time boxes us in. We must meet this deadline, we must be here, be there, roll on the weekend. By having Time dictate, we can lose our confidence, lose hope, break promises, plans, we doubt ourselves. I never finished it, whatever ‘it’ is, I missed the deadline, I can’t reach that goal, that dream, I didn’t have enough Time, I’m a loser, a failure, I might as well give up. 

Forget about it, let the, ‘if only, I should have,’ behind you. It’s gone, so start again!

I didn’t get to finish my novel, did the world end? Nope. BUT I did make progress on it. I didn’t get to meet all the friends I wanted to meet in person, have they abandoned me? Nope, (true friends will never), BUT I did connect with them in some form. I never got to walk every day for my health, BUT I did when I could, well done, me! 

As sure as day follows night, I will achieve all I want to, in my own good time on my terms. Life will throw a few curve balls but I expect that. 

May 2019 bring many blessings to you all.  

Mary x