Meet Charlotte, Award winning Author

Welcome to Charlotte Howard, author and friend. I asked Charlotte some questions so we could learn more about her writing, so read on to find out what she shared. A blurb to whet your curiosity is also included so go buy her new book at the links below. Did you recently have a book publishedContinue reading “Meet Charlotte, Award winning Author”

Flash 300 Max

Can I play? He sat in deep thought. Had he gone wrong? Did he not plan it perfectly? Of course he did. In fact he paid so much attention to every detail that he had not rested for well over six days at first. He believed in free will. He trusted too much his armyContinue reading “Flash 300 Max”

Flash Fiction (300 Max)

Believe Molly‚Äôs friend Aleisha was a Pixie and had a pet peather. Molly would love a pet peather, but mummy said no pets were allowed of any sort. Lullaby was a mix between a peacock and a panther and was super cuddly. Her long tail of soft feathers fluffed up when she wagged it. HerContinue reading “Flash Fiction (300 Max)”