A flash of 100 words

I was late to the party for Morgen Bailey’s monthly competition this month gone. I missed the September deadline by a day. But it did not stop me from giving it a go as an exercise and sharing with you my offering for the 100 word flash fiction story. The rules are: there is a prompt and also your story must be 100 words exactly, not including the title. The theme for September was the swimming pool.

So taking the challenge, which is a great exercise for writers to tighten their writing and make every word count plus remember it must be complete and not just an excerpt, I got to writing. Read my offering below and I hope you enjoy it. To check out Morgen’s competition you will find her on FB at the link following my story.

The Swimming Pool

The homeowner wanted a new pool and Donald’s gardening company was building it. Today they were digging out the foundation.

Counting steps to the left, Donald sprayed a line marking the edge. He stepped in the next direction and repeated the procedure. Locating the centre of the dig, he sprayed an X.

Once the X spot was dug, he would later bury the body personally, his crew unaware of their boss’s side-line. A side-line which gang-lords paid Donald well. He would build on the grave, like he had with previous jobs.

Donald loved the outdoor life his gardening job provided.


There you have it, short and sweet. The link to Morgen’s page is here: https://morgenbailey.wordpress.com/100-word-free-monthly-competition/

Happy reading,

Mary x

Small Steps Make the Journey Possible

It has been a while since I paid a visit to here, I think life has been a little upside down for us all. But I feel an update is required and so here I am! By taking small steps I am progressing in my writing life, plus it cancels out the terrifying feeling of being overwhelmed by all we must do.

I finished my Master’s in the University of Limerick and submitted my thesis at the end of August. Where did that year go? I loved every moment of it and would say to anyone of thinking of applying to do so.

My rights reverted back to me for my novels and so I am bringing them out again and they will be available in both formats, eBook and paperback. I am so thrilled about that. I want to thank Tirgearr Publishing for being a supportive and friendly publisher to work with. I am working on two other novels at present. Plus I aim to submit an erotic romance novella soon also. I have submitted some short stories and memory articles to magazines which I am waiting on word of their acceptance or rejection, so fingers crossed lovely people.

In the mean time the two flash fiction stories I share with you (links below) were published and I was interviewed for a local radio station in the US by Tirgearr author, Becky Flade, something I really enjoyed.

This following story is particularly cute, The Orange Flowerpot. I was honoured to be the first author to write for their new children stories section. https://lockdownbabybabble.wordpress.com/2020/09/03/childrens-lit-the-orange-flowerpot-mary-bradford/

I was invited to write a flash of 500 words on the theme, The Summer of 2020. This was published on Ted Atoka’s, FaceBook page Tell Me A Story.

http://A Year like No Other , by Mary Bradford

That’s it for now dear readers. Continue to take care and stay safe.

Mary x

Short Read 100 words

Back in March this year, I entered a competition for a 100 word story. The words, since sliced bread had to be a part of it. I’m happy to say I received an honourable mention for the below story, From Afar. This is a joy for me, anything positive in your writing life is a pat on the shoulder to say keep at it!!

Many congratulations to the winners. If you wish to enter the monthly flash fiction challenge then head over to Morgen Bailey’s blog for further details. Link beneath my story.

From Afar

I am in love. She sits there under the tree without a care in the world. I sit further away on a bench admiring her. Ask me anything about her and I’m sure I could answer. Her hair is russet red, her lips, a pale strawberry, her eyes, deep sapphire. She works at the checkout in Tesco’s four days a week. She comes here to the park for her lunch break, weather permitting. Her name is Chantelle. She is the best thing ever since sliced bread to come out of Tesco. Pity, she doesn’t know who I am. Maybe someday.


Link for Morgen’s blog. https://morgenbailey.wordpress.com/2020/04/18/results-of-morgens-100-word-competition-march-2020/

Flash 300 Max

Doorway to Happiness

Photo from FWG prompt on FB, source unknown

This is my quiet place. Where I go to be still. I first found it when out for a walk to get away from him. Ever since he retired he had taken over the house, each aspect of it and it really was doing my head in. I couldn’t go for a coffee with the girls anymore. They soon drifted away, stopped asking me to join them.

“It’s cheaper to have one at home. On the pension now, we are.”

If I heard it one more time, I would throw the tea pot at him. My book-club meetings were another nuisance for him.

“We can start our own little club, more intimate and share a pot of tea, just the two of us.”

When I protested to this, he said we needed to watch our petrol spend, could one of the other ladies pick me up and drop me off? I explained none of them lived close enough to do this. He nodded and asked, “What shall we read first to get us started?”

My days became lonely, the nights too. Now we were at retirement age, we could do without that side of marriage he winked.

So that’s why I came here. Peace. Tranquillity. Alone time.

Why let him away with being so controlling, my few friends left ask. He’s not that bad I laugh, maybe I’m exaggerating it a bit. I add.

But I am a patient woman. Patient and wise.

Amazing how the universe works, send it out and it shall be answered I was told and I did. Still his sudden heart attack surprised us all. Now when life is stressed for me I visit here and tell the universe my worries.

So far she has never let me down.

Flash Fiction (300 Max)


Photo from Fiction Writers Group, source unknown.

Molly’s friend Aleisha was a Pixie and had a pet peather. Molly would love a pet peather, but mummy said no pets were allowed of any sort. Lullaby was a mix between a peacock and a panther and was super cuddly. Her long tail of soft feathers fluffed up when she wagged it. Her tummy was bluey-green like Aleisha’s hair.

Not every night but some nights, Aleisha visited Molly in her dreams. Where Aleisha lived was warm and cheerful. Velvet grass grew along the trees and pretty flowers too. Their sky was deep purple and the rain fell in large orange drops.

“Lullaby and me are soulmates,” Aleisha explained. Molly wanted a soulmate, it sounded nice but she guessed her mummy would say no to that too. Molly spent a lot of time on the naughty step, picking the wallpaper off near the bottom stair. Why didn’t mummy believe her when she told her about Aleisha? They were best friends but mummy said, ” that’s all nonsense, go outside and play with real friends.”

When Aleisha and Molly were together, they played hide and seek around the forest and darted behind the waterfalls. The next morning Molly would be so tired and her hair would have grass or moss through it. She loved being with Aleisha and patting Lullaby. 

This night, Aleisha looked sad. The two friends cuddled in to Lullaby. “I wish you lived in Pixie-land.”

“Me too.” Molly sighed.

“Then stay. Don’t go back.”

Molly thought of her mummy. She would be cross again when Molly’s bed would be empty. Lullaby’s tail wrapped around the friends and they slept.

Tonight, Molly would not return.