It’s 2020, a new year, another chance to rally our thoughts and achieve clarity for the coming months. I am lucky to belong to a writers group, who meet monthly in my local library. It was a prompt as a homework exercise from December 2019 that gives me today’s post.

I had a choice of two prompts. Epiphany or A Resolution Gone Wrong.

I had a month’s grace to come up with something and, normally I would present something on the day of our meeting. Except, I couldn’t this time.

So what you read below is my offering to my fellow writing friends at the January meeting. It was written two hours before the meeting, while having my grey hairs coloured at the hairdressers.

I really couldn’t turn up with no homework. But I was totally at a loss this time. Read on, and be gentle with your comments. Interestingly, as I wrote this piece/poem, I was not aware it fell under the heading of one of the prompts. It was after I had scribbled the piece down, it struck me, I had, had an epiphany.


I could do it, I told myself.

I could spit them out and not blink an eye.

Tumbling on to the page, filling the white paper with rhythm and tales of now, past and future.

Sentences put together that when read, were music for the soul of those who soaked in them. Inspiring minds dulled by the technology of screens, and those who say they can’t switch off.

I’m their magic button. Forcing some to press time out and enter the worlds I create.

Chapters for them to pore over and, cry, laugh, blaspheme or praise whatever it is I tickle within them.

Books they read and then go ahh… closing the covers on pages of another place and time.

Giving choices.

Making decisions.

Was it good or condemn it to hell in a waste basket and rant over the twelve euro they spent?

But when I sit to toss and tumble word after word out, birthing new life from my mind, it is blank.



No longer overflowing.

I need to switch off.

Read others words, and bathe in their magic. Fuelling my run down bank of inspiration.

So I shall sit, and listen, and read, and be a part of the world of others.


There you have it, we all need to switch off, give ourselves time to recharge and not feel guilty for doing so.

Happy 2020 and make it a year you enjoy at your pace and calling.

Mary, xx

When looking back, reflect with a friend

As the sun sets on another year, we all start to think where we are in our lives, work, relationships, health, and even financial. In some ways the year, 2019 has flown by and then in others I found it to be a long year. I sat the other day reading different reviews of the months gone by in magazines and such and on TV, they were reviewing the past decade, this all got me thinking. In fact it highlighted how I can’t think back to what happened last week never mind the start of the year. So to ease my weakness to recall stuff I went to visit a friend that I’d not met since August last or was it September? This friend, Maggie Doolin, is a writing friend. In fact she is a close friend, (put aside the first fact I’d not seen her in about four months) and beause we are close friends, we don’t keep track of when we meet, we just pick up from where we left off.

I was also suffering from cabin fever, I had not left my house in over a week and she had not left hers in a day, so we joyously met, hugged, drank tea, ate chicken sandwiches and lots of chocolate Mikados and talked. We chatted for eight hours and it was glorious. Laughter and more laughter echoed around us as we recalled the year gone by. It wasn’t all plain sailing, we grieved for loved ones lost, health issues that tried to better us but thankfully failed and some that have lingered, staying well beyond their welcome date.

We each reminded the other of our successes in our writing lives, little ones and big ones, the rejections too and the dreams we shared at the start of the year. Our goals were discussed with affection and then the despair when we hadn’t reached one or two. But throwing the kettle on again for another cup of tea and a log on the fire, we huddled down with notebooks and planned for the future 2020.

When it was time for me to hit the road for home, I felt refreshed, recharged and relief.

Why did we not meet for four months you may ask, well I started at University of Limerick studying for my Masters of English in Creative Writing, and she, Maggie has a novel to promote, yep, she signed a publishing contract for her first novel and is busy with all that brings. I shall have more news on that in Spring. Such exciting times ahead.

Looking back over the year wasn’t so hard after all, when done in the company of a true friend.

Happy New Year, and may it be a healthy, happy, filled with blessings one.

Mary xx