Spring, Birthday and Writing

For me, the month of April is the start of everything new. Gardens are showcasing colourful Spring flowers and the long bright evenings encourage us to get out and about. My own garden is in need of a tidy-up plus a trip to a garden center is on the cards. My lemon primroses are thriving each year, I rooted these up from my nephew’s avenue, two years ago, just a few fingers of them. They happily took root in a patch where I planted them. See them in the photo below. I love the true wild primroses which these are. When we were small, my Nana’s home was full of these wildflowers and we knew them as bunny-o-blocks. I remember sucking the nectar from them as a child. I also allow the Dandelions to grow for the bees, very important.

My birthday is in this month, I was born on a Sunday at 20 past 6 in the morning. her easiest and quickest labour, my Mam says. In fact, I was a very quiet child, never wishing to offend anyone. Dad always said, “You can take Mary anywhere and she’s never an ounce of trouble.” I’m sure there are plenty out there who know me as an adult and would say, I’ve since made up for it. 

My writing has been confined to a few 100-word stories and some articles. But I’m happy with that. The 100-word stories were part of a 5-day challenge in Creative NonFiction. Something I have not attempted before. The link if you wish to try it for yourself is here:  https://www.youtube.com/@sparkyourstory  
I found it interesting and Nicole is excellent at delivering the course.  


I also had 3 articles published, two in my local paper and the other in the Irish magazine, Ireland’s Eye. I am always grateful for the support I receive from both local and national papers and magazines. it is these stories/articles/memories that keep me ticking when other writing work has stalled for me.  
That’s it for this month. Maybe in a future post, I will give a sample of a 100-word story I wrote during the 5-day challenge. If you do decide to challenge yourself, let me know how you get on.
Stay safe and wishing you all of Easter’s blessings for the year ahead.

Mary x


Published by marytbradford

Family is important to Mary and her writing reflects the ups and downs of it all, and what people go through daily. She has been writing short stories for several years and enjoys success with her fiction in magazines, newspapers, and anthologies both in Ireland and abroad, namely Germany, India, and the US. Her stories have been both short/long listed in various competitions. It was because of this success, Mary took the plunge and self-published her first collection of stories titled, A Baker’s Dozen (2012). When one of her stories kept growing she ended up with her first published novel, My Husband's Sin. This novel turned into a trilogy, with book 2, Don't Call Me Mum, and book 3, No More Secrets following it. Her latest novel, To Live With A Stranger, is based on her Grandmother's country cottage and is a firm favourite with readers. Mary continues to write novels, novellas, and short stories, dabbling too in playwrighting. In 2019, Mary attended the University of Limerick and studied for a MA in Creative Writing, receiving First Class Honours. When taking a break from writing and reading Mary loves to crochet. Living in County Cork, Ireland, she is married and is a mother of four children. Having overcome open heart surgery in 2008, Mary made the decision to dedicate more time to her writing. With her children raised and starting to spread their wings, this became possible. Now, Mary is also a Nana, a role that brings her happiness and lots of love.

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